Why do I need regular oral hygiene visits at the dentist?

As a result of poor brushing technique and lack of oral hygiene, plaque and tartar build up on the surfaces of teeth.  Plaque is a mass of bacteria mixed with partially broken down food that sticks to the surface of teeth.

Tartar is hardened plaque, which is built up over an extended period of time. Without proper cleaning, teeth can suffer from decay and gums can become infected and recede.

Gingivitis is a disease of the gum tissue that surrounds a tooth. The primary cause of gingivitis is a lack of oral hygiene. A bio film of bacteria (dental plaque) starts to accumulate on teeth, particularly on the gum line.

The bacterium in the biofilm releases toxins. The body reacts to the toxins by causing an inflammation of the gums. The gums bleed easily when touched and can omit a foul odour.

By using special instruments to scale off the deposits, the surfaces can be cleaned of any bacterial residue and any underlying issues such as tooth decay and gum recession can be revealed and treated.


To help prevent gingivitis start by brushing at least twice daily to remove any plaque build-up. Daily flossing will also help remove any bacteria in between the teeth. Along with scheduled visits to your dentist you can prevent gingivitis from becoming a severe oral health issue.