Tooth Whitening

A bright, confident smile creates a lasting image! We believe you deserve the best chance to leave a good impression. Teeth whitening is the safest dental cosmetic procedure available. Our treatments utilize medical grade bleach without affecting the tooth structure in any way. We have an in-office or at-home treatment option for you for your convenience.

Our in-office treatment utilises the ZOOM system to achieve a naturally, bright, white smile in one appointment. Sit back and relax knowing you are under the supervision of a dentist. Infrequently, this treatment is associated with temporarily increased tooth sensitivity. This is usually sufficiently managed with mild pain relievers for a couple of days.

A custom-made bleaching tray provides an alternative to ZOOM for patients who prefer a more gradual approach in the comfort of their own home. Our dentist will take an impression of your teeth to make a precisely fitting tray (similar to a mouthguard). This will require a return visit for collection, at which point your whitening package and education needed for this course will be provided. Take-home trays will require daily use for up to three weeks. Often 30-60 minutes a day is all that is required. This gradual and gentle whitening also means that tooth sensitivity less frequently occurs.

A relatively quick cosmetic procedure is the in chair whitening.

Colour enhancement will lighten your teeth with light activating bleaching agents. The procedure begins with the assessment of the shade before whitening; the teeth are then cleaned with light pumice slurry.

Isolation of the teeth and blocking out of the gums with a flexible sheet or dam held in place by a plastic frame are then quickly completed.

Once the teeth are isolated they are covered in a layer of light activated hydrogen peroxide containing gel. A specialized blue light source is then placed directly in front of the teeth activating the hydrogen peroxide in the gel. The hydrogen peroxide produces highly reactive molecules that then break down the coloured compounds that have sustained the teeth.

Benefits of an in office whitening procedure; the procedure usually takes less than an hour; brushing, flossing and occasional touch-ups at home will keep your smile looking bright. The procedure is monitored and safe to teeth.